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101 ways to organize your life

Lessons from Project Management: 101 ways to organize your life Project Management (and life) Wisdom straight from the mouths of the horses – oops, I mean project managers: Leadership 1. Keep your approach friendly: People are not looking to make … Continue reading

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Bump Keying….. and you though locks were safe

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Bandwidth Monitoring Tools

Bandwidth Monitoring Tools I did a lot of research about bandwidth monitoring tools recently. Yesterday, I wrote about ibmonitor and bandwidthd in Bandwidth Monitoring blog. Today I just would like to share another great bandwidth monitoring tools. Note: The installation … Continue reading

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Wireless LCD in 5 minutes!

  Wireless LCD in 5 minutes! Today, I was thinking how dirty and full of stuff my desk was.  So Idecided to relocate my graphic LCD to another person’s desk but stillhave control over it.  To do this, I figured … Continue reading

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As the Arabs see the Jews

    "As the Arabs see the Jews"His Majesty King Abdullah,The American MagazineNovember, 1947   Summary This fascinating essay, written by King Hussein’s grandfather King Abdullah, appeared in the United States six months before the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. In the … Continue reading

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VoIP Hacking Exposed   Nice book with some really freaky tools: VLANping, SIPSCAN, TFTP Brute Forcer, IAX DoS Flood, UDP Flooder, BYE Call Teardown, RTP Flooder, Invite Flooder, Check Sync Phone Rebooter, RTP Injector, Registration Hijacker/Eraser/Adder… oh no

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