Send messages to your MSN Space from your mobile phone

Send messages to your MSN Space from your mobile phone With SMS to Spaces you can easily send text messages to your MSN Space even if you are not near a PC! There is no charge for sending messages to your MSN Space however standard mobile charges apply Please note that this is a BETA and not the full release. Therefore support may be limited. It is easy to set up SMS to your Space! First you must setup your MSN Spaces account to accept emails from the SMS Blogger:

  1. Sign in at your MSN spaces account (
  2. Click Settings (right hand side).
  3. Choose the “Email Publishing” tab.
  4. Check the “Turn on email publishing” check box.
  5. Enter in the email address at box 2.
  6. Choose a secret word (say fred).
  7. Enter your secret word in box 3.
  8. Make a note of the first part of the email address now shown at box 5 on the bottom of the page (e.g.
  9. Click Save.

You must now link the SMS Blogger to your Spaces account; this is done by sending an SMS to a special number:

  • Text “SETUP marksmith.fred” to +447800140723, replacing marksmith.fred with the appropriate text from point 8 above (do not send the @spaces part)
    NB: The email address is case sensitive, but you do not need to add the part.
  • You will get a confirmation text if you have successfully set up the SMS to Spaces service.

Sending messages Once setup any text messages sent to +447800140723 will be forwarded onto your MSN Spaces email account.

SMSes can only be 160 characters long, longer texts are broken into multiple messages.

The SMS Blogger will coalesce multiple messages into one longer blog. This is done if the SMSes are marked as having been sent within 40 seconds of each other.

The ‘%’ character is used to split a message between the title and body of the blog entry. To send a % use %%.

See Texting summary for details of other text formatting features.

Note: Rich text features cannot be used in the title of the blog entry. Unsubscribing If you text “DELETE” (only) to +447800140723 you will be deleted from the SMS to Spaces service. To use the service again you will need to re-subscribe. Texting summary This is a brief user’s guide for the SMS Blogger.
Note: Rich text cannot be used in the title. To Text Example Setup SETUP member.secret SETUP marksmith.fred Send a blog Any message Blog title
*this is the body of the blog entry. Unsubscribe DELETE DELETE Bold text *text* This is *bold* Italicize text /text/ This is /italics/ Underline text _text_ This is _underlined_ Make big text !text! This is !big! text Separate title and body % This is the title%This is the body Add newlines % Line 1%Line 2%Line 3 Send a % sign %% The blogs went up by 100%% Need help MSN Spaces is a BETA service and not a full release. Therefore you may encounter some unpredictable behaviour. However if you get stuck and can’t find the help you need above, you can contact us by emailing As this is a beta service we would also like to hear what you think about it, so send us your feedback to Haven’t got an MSN Space? Get one here. Due to the nature of SMS messaging, MSN does not guarantee your message will be delivered to your Space

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