How-to Backup Your Original XBOX360 Games

How-to Backup Your Original XBOX360 Games

Before we start with this tutorial here’s a quick note:

This guide is written to help you take backups of your original xbox360 games, mainly due the fact that the microsoft xbox360 is causing alot of trouble on game discs like scratches due the malfunction of several dvd-drives and therefore you should be able to backup your own legit copy.

Also take note you won’t be able to play your backups as microsoft won’t allow booting of dvd-r on your xbox360.

We do not support piracy in any way with this tutorial!

Before we start lets see what we all need:

1) A dvd-drive wich can be easly taken apart
2) Your original xbox360 game
3) Data/Movie dvd wich is at least 8gigabyte in size
4) Philips screwdriver to open your dvd-drive
5) WxRipper can be found @  or at the bottom of the article
6) Optional: Wx360 wich can be found @  or at the bottom of the article
7) Last but not least, some patience

Equipment used by me for this tutorial:

– A pioneer dvd-r a04 (one of the best to take apart and acces the laser unit)
– DISC 3 from SEASON 2 of 24 (PAL / UK) wich is 8,3Gigabyte
– My original Dead Or Alive 4 game

Step 1: Take your dvd-drive apart

First of all we need to acces the laser untit of our dvd-drive, this can useally be done by removing the screws wich holds it casing! You will need to figure out yourself on how to do this for your own dvd-drive, but it should be a piece of cake.

Warning: this action will most likely void your units warrenty so make sure you want to do this!

When you did everything correct and you see the laser unit, it will probly look something like this.

STEP 2: Installing your dvd-drive

The hardest part is over now and we should now connect our dvd-drive to the computer and place it on an easy accesible place.

I’m sure you all know that this has to be done when the power is shutdown from your computer.

When everything is in place, power on your computer and continue to the following step.

STEP 3: WxRipper

By now you should have extracted both files we mentioned earlier and have them installed on your computer, so let’s fire-up WxRipper and see how things work.

a) Put your dvd in the drive wich is over 8 gigabyte (I used 24 season 2 disc3) and wait until your computer recognized it.

b) From the menu select Hotswap and then "Find magic number".

c) After the magic number has been found you select "Stop drive".

d) now comes the magic part, you need to switch the dvd wich is in your drive with your original game.
     Warning: this needs to be done without pressing the eject button!!

e) when everything is back in place you can select "spin drive"

f) when the drive is spinning again it’s time to dump the image, this can be done by clicking on "start dump"

g) You can take a break now as this stage can take a long time depening on the read speed of your dvd drive.

h) – After some time, almost one hour for my case, i have now dumped my xbox360 game.
     – The dumped image is a exact RAW copy of the original game disc, wich means any dummy data is copied with this.
     – You can now burn this .iso file to an empty dvd-r dl or you can continue with these optional steps and start experimenting with the xbox360 files.


Extracting the iso file is quite easy. Therefore you should launch Wx360 (see top of page for download location)

Now let me guide you to the extraction progress.  

a) First of all you should open the just dumped .iso file or any other xbox/xbox360 .iso file

b) A couple second later you will get a window wich looks alot like explorer and where you can see the files inside the iso

c) To extract the complete .iso just select "extract all files" from the menu file or if you only want to extract one file then you should select your file and right-click on it.

Thats it for now, i hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as i writing it.
Many thanks go out to: Gael360 for creating these truely great programs, sonic_boom for the great helping hand (luv yu dude), my girlfriend for her patience while i was writing this tutorial and all you visitors who might find this tutorial handy!

This tutorial is fully copyrighted (c) 2006 by killer

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