Top 10 Magic Trick Tutorial Videos

Top 10 Magic Trick Tutorial Videos

For years we have all known of sites such as and all such things similar. THEY ALL MAKE YOU PAY TO LEARN MAGIC TRICKS!

THIS IS GOING TO SAVE YOU HUNDREDS ON PURCHASING THOSE VIDEOS! It will also help you impress the ladies.

Today I went to the liberty of scouring the internet to track down the top 10 video magic tutorials that I could find. Many of these are simply amazing, others are simple yet stunning. I hope you enjoy.

If you disagree with any tricks posted please contact me here.

1. The snap card. This tutorial demonstrates how to make a card selected by the audience appear on your hand instantly. Love this one.

2. The revolver. Performed and taught by a kid, but who cares? This trick makes each card in the deck turn over with a flick of the cards. Simply AMAZING.

3. Coin into Can. Using this technique, the audience receives the illusion that a coin has instantly been forced into and unopened can.

4. The Coin Matrix – Make coins transfer beneath cards. Simple, yet amazing.

5. The Drop Change – Throw a card onto a deck and it instantly changes into a different card. Great trick for a large audience.

6. Pen through a dollar coin – With a simple bit of modification you can perform this.

7. Spin Change – A card instantly changes to a different card while being spun around.

8. Glass through table – Amazingly simple yet effective trick where you force a glass through the table.

9. How to tear a phone book in half – Not so much magic, just damn cool.

10. Self tying shoe lace – Simple modification, amazing effect.

I hope you enjoy performing these tricks :).

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