Toyota FT-HS coming in 2009

The June ’07 print edition of Automobile is full of juicy information, and one of the more significant bits of news appears in a sidebar on page 30. According to the magazine, Toyota has given the FT-HS hybrid sports car the green light, and the Calty-designed production version will make its debut in 2009. It’s being billed by Automobile as the spiritual successor to the late, lamented Supra — a position that’s hard to argue assuming you can look past the probable lack of an inline 6. Like the concept, the two-seat FT-HS will pair the company’s Hybrid Synergy Drive with an as-yet-undetermined gasoline engine (the concept utilized a 3.5-liter V6). Power and pricing aren’t discussed, but if the numbers thrown around when the concept was introduced — 400 horses and mid-level dollar amounts — are feasible, the thing should have plenty of takers.

[Source: Automobile, June 2007]


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