Speed Demon Photography

In the last leg of our photo contest, we’ve received some truly amazing pictures among the well over 600 shots that passed the prequalification. With emotions ranging from pure adrenaline, blinding speed and motion blur to more subtle interpretations of this round’s theme, the photographers have certainly put some serious effort into this. Perhaps no wonder when the first prize is the awesome Canon EOS 1Ds Mark II!?

Sprinting greyhound by EcoShow
Boy did this bitch get out on the wrong side of the bed this morning. This photo is so intense, so aggressive and fierce looking you can almost hear the snarling from the charging dog.

Going Down by Wilymon
Does this photo even need a caption? No it doesn’t. Clearly a fun day out for the whole family!

Rush by froztbitten
An amazing shot with amazing colors. It feels like I’m being sucked right into the tide, yet at the same time you get a great sense of calm looking at the photo.

Three Wheel Demon by Danish
This is the kind of ride that could end up on Pimp My Ride – I can see it clearly: spinning chrome rims, custom flame paint job, velour interior, Momo racing seats, and to top it off – low rider hydraulic suspension… (as if it isn’t close enough to the ground already)

Big Air by jannev
I am soo tempted to Photoshop a speech bubble saying "ooooh shit man!"

Flying Free by vikasmal
This photo of a sixteenth century mosque really captures the beauty of time, architecture and nature. As one of the comments said, with another shot metered for the birds it could’ve made an amazing HDR composition.

Mud Blaster by torridence
This black and white shot is so vivid with its rough and crude style you can almost taste the mud and hear the engine roar.

Speedy burst water balloon by pajohnson
Awesome and interesting shot of a water balloon being popped. I’ve never seen a planet blow up, but this is how I imagine it would look.

Rush Hour by asisanyal
With that “booming” light coming out between the clouds, you almost get a feeling these camels are stampeding to get away from the Armageddon which has just opened for business in the distance.

Speedboats by estoril
Owning a 15 foot speedboat with 90hp, I am such a sucker for anything that’s fast and floats. There’s nothing that feels faster than racing at 60 knots with your head just a few feet above the water surface.

Mud run by cjbreil
I have no idea about the story behind this image, but it definitely conveys speed, intensity and action at a very basic level. Studying the facial expression of the kids reveals emotions ranging from pure joy to extreme focus.

Mr Dragonfly by elson87
With a goofy smile and a hairdo like that, you’re bound to attract a lot of attention!

*** by krim
Immensely powerful and thoroughly beautiful, you don’t have to be a horse-crazed teenage girl to fall in love with this fantabulous photo!

Shattered Glass by raniel
This photo perfectly freezes the moment between the breaking of the bulb and the tungsten filaments (thereby breaking the source of light), it’s a sort of limbo captured.

Fighting by Nunu
The splashing mud, the arching back of the man about to fall, and their intense (and quite similar) facial expressions makes for an intense photo with a good feeling of action.

Minimoto Madness by goosey
Cookwashed motorbike? It must be Gulliver going for a ride on a borrowed bike in Lilliput. Did I hear someone say "size matters"?

Snap frozen by rbphoto
When you get past saying “Wow…” you may start thinking about how in the world the photographer managed to make this photo. What do you have to do to get the combination of that looong arch of water coupled with the glass standing at an almost perfect 45 degree angle? I could imagine that the photographer just had someone throw heaps of water-filled drinking glasses across a table and hoping for one of them to hit just the right spot in the right way, but I suspect the truth is much more complex.

Tailgate by DProspero
Yikes, you startled me!

Thief in the night by bgaras2001
Zorro the Delivery Guy?? I’m not quite sure what the idea behind this photo is as it looks like a cross between Superman, Zorro and Einstein rushing to serve a pie. Or maybe he’s charging someone with the fork?  Perhaps this is what the eminent Albert Einstein meant when he coined the phrase "Imagination is more important than knowledge”.

Viagra Racing by Egarner
Racing is a damn hard sport, and the drivers will no doubt face stiff competition from this driver…

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